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Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Freiburg and Uniklinik Freiburg

About my person, tasks and areas of activity

Regina Herzog Regina Herzog

University contact details
(0761) 203-4222 (Equality Office)
Phone: (0761) 203-4299 (secretariat)
mobile: 0152 22928696

Contact details clinic
University Medical Center Freiburg
Hartmannstrasse 1
79106 Freiburg
Phone: 0761/270 61321


Tasks and areas of activity

Committee activities

According to the LHG in conjunction with the GO, the Equal Opportunities Officer is a member of the following bodies, committees and working groups:

  • University Council (by virtue of office - advisory)
  • Senate (by virtue of office - entitled to vote)
  • Appointment commissions (by virtue of office - voting rights)
  • Selection committees (by virtue of office - voting rights)
  • Senate committees:
    • Structural and Development Commission (advisory)
    • Permanent Senate Commission for Studies and Teaching (advisory)
    • Standing Senate Commission on Gender Equality (by virtue of office - advisory)
    • Committee for Media Development and Practice (advisory)
  • Faculty Councils (advisory)
  • AK Family Friendly University
  • AG Care
  • AG Threat Management
  • Inclusion Team

"Without prejudice to his or her rights and obligations under § 4 LHG, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner shall attend the meetings of the Senate committees in an advisory capacity (GO)".

"The Equal Opportunities Officer may be represented on all committees and must be invited and informed like a member (LHG)".

Monitoring of appointment procedures

see: Overview appointment procedures

Support, advice and professionalisation of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officer

To provide support, the Equal Opportunities Office organises a meeting of all faculty equal opportunities officers 1-2 times a year and offers further training, seminars and lectures on topics relevant to equal opportunities and their legal basis. In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office provides the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers with information material.

See also Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculties

Counselling in cases of sexualised violence, harassment and stalking

The Equal Opportunities Officer is the contact person for all employees from science, technology and administration, students and all other university members in cases of sexual harassment and stalking.

See: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Stalking

Contact person for clinically active female doctors at the University Hospital


Deputies of the Equal Opportunities Officer