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Federal Conference of Women and Gender Equality Representatives (bukof)

The Federal Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunity Commissioners at Universities (bukof) is the gender political voice in the scientific and higher education policy discourse. The bukof brings together all those who shape the structure and culture of universities in Germany in a gender-equitable manner.

Annual meeting of the bukof

CORONA CRISIS AND GENDER RELATIONS - What is systemically relevant and where is solidarity?

16.09. - 17.09.2020 - Online format

The corona pandemic, with its already noticeable effects on gender equality, is a major focus of the work of bukof and all equal opportunity actors* at universities. Our annual conference takes up this topic.

The theme of the conference is the impact of the crisis on gender relations and the associated power relations. This includes in particular the assessment of employment relationships as systemically relevant and the lack of involvement of gender equality actors and gender perspectives. In the pandemic, structures of discrimination - including at universities - become very apparent. In which places can solidarity open up what opportunities for the equality of women*? What influence do equal opportunity actors have in this context? How can we jointly succeed in ensuring that discrimination against women* is not perpetuated and reinforced? We would like to discuss these questions with you and you.

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