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Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Freiburg and Uniklinik Freiburg

-- Help in emergencies --

In the event of sexual harassment and stalking, you can contact

Frauenhorizonte around the clock on +49 761 2 85 85 85.

You can also contact the Investigation Center for Victims of Violence (USG) or the nearest police station.



meccanica feminale 2024

meccanica feminale 2024

The meccanica feminale is the spring university for female students and interested women from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, medical technology and related STEM subjects

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Dec 04, 2023 from 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM

EPWS Annual Conference 2023

Online conference in English, which will focus on important topics of gender equality policy in the field of science. Registration is possible until November 26.

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