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informatica ferminale 30.07.24 - 03.08.24 University of Freiburg

Focus topic "IT Security"

Become a lecturer at informatica feminale 2024

Being a role model, passing on knowledge, making contacts

30.07. - 03.08. | University of Freiburg | Focus topic "IT Security"

  • Deadline for call for lectures: January 10, 2024
  • Possible formats: Workshop, one-day course, half-week course, lunch talk
  • Topics: Any topics related to the field of computer science - especially IT security but also in the STEM area or social skills
  • Childcare will be offered upon request
  • Remuneration of the teaching activity or sponsoring by the employer. Doctoral student session for female PhD students in IT / STEM: This is about mutual professional feedback and support from peers - if you are interested, please contact Lisa Jauch ()
  • Additional information can be found here