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Election of the deputy of the equal opportunity commissioner

On April 26, the Senate elected three new deputies to the Central Equal Opportunity Officer for four-year terms.

Wahl der Stellvertreterinnen 2023

Professor Roxana-Mihaela Halbleib was appointed to the Heisenberg Professorship of Statistics and Econometrics at the Faculty of Economics and Behavioral Sciences in October 2019, which she accepted in March 2020. Since May 2020, Ms. Halbleib has also been head of the Department of Statistics and Econometrics at the Institute of Economics. Before Ms. Halbleib came to Germany, she had first completed her bachelor's degree in economics at the University in lasi in her country of birth, Romania. Thus, she is not only an important representative and role model in a field in which women are still significantly underrepresented. Through her career and biography, she also stands for female scientists who - coming from a different linguistic and cultural background - have been extremely successful in the German academic system. As a successful Margarete von Wrangell and Heisenberg Fellow, she is also an important contact person for female scientists at our university who have received funding in this area or who are interested in such funding or fellowships.

Professor Katharina Brizić was appointed to the W3 professorship in Multilingualism Research with a focus on Sociolinguistics in February 2014, which she took up in April 2015. With a research focus on multilingualism research, education, and social inequality, she holds an important corner professorship with many interfaces to the behavioral and social sciences. Before studying sociolinguistics at the University of Vienna, Ms. Brizić first studied instrumental pedagogy and concert piano at the Conservatory in Vienna and subsequently worked as a successful concert pianist for several years. Ms. Brizić is a member of the working group Academic Careers, Gender & Diversity, which was founded together with ten other working groups within the framework of the university-wide strategy process at the beginning of last year. Due to her professorship, her career and her commitment to our university, Ms. Brizić has a variety of professional and content-related points of contact within the entire humanities spectrum and builds an important bridge to the areas of diversity and internationalization.

Professor Nadine Große was appointed to the Junior Professorship for Pure Mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics in July 2015. After a successful interim evaluation, Ms. Große received the call to the W3 professorship for Pure Mathematics on June 18, 2021, which she accepted in August 2021. Since October 2021, Ms. Große has also been acting director of the Department of Pure Mathematics. Due to her career and vita, Ms. Große is able to advise the Equal Opportunity Officer, especially on questions of junior professorships, and to be an important contact person for this status group. She is a role model in a field in which women are still clearly underrepresented and can also provide many important tips and assistance for a successful career in STEM based on her own career. Ms. Große is also involved in the EUCOR network and has, among other things, co-organized the two-part conference "Young Mathematicians in Geometry and Analysis 2" of the Franco-German University at the Mulhouse and Freiburg campuses.

Die Gleichstellungsbeauftragte Dr. Regina Herzog sowie das gesamte Team vom Gleichstellungsbüro gratulieren herzlich zur Wahl!