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State Conference of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner (LaKoG)

The State Conference of Equal Opportunities Representatives at the Scientific Universities of Baden-Württemberg (LaKoG) is the association of equal opportunities representatives of the universities, teacher training colleges and the music and art colleges of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The main tasks of the LaKoG are the targeted information, coordination and support of the equal opportunity commissioners of the individual universities, participation in the formation of opinions on higher education and education policy and the presentation of equal opportunity interests to the public.

The LaKoG represents the interests of female students and scientists at state level. Through its own offers for (junior) female scientists, the coordination of target group-specific support programs and information about opportunities for promoting young scientists, the LaKoG supports women in the academic field.

Date Place Event/Topic
21.09.2020 University of Mannheim Writing Workshop
28.-29.09.2020 Study house Wiesneck Authentically convincing in science, research and teaching
08.-09.10.2020 Study house Wiesneck Orientation Event: Mentoring
Central event for establishing a mentoring relationship
13.11.2020 PH Freiburg Raising third-party funds - How to make my application a success!

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