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Substitution Regulations

Effective immediately, there is a binding substitution regulation in the event that the equal opportunity commissioner appointed for an appointment procedure is prevented from attending (possibly even at very short notice).

The following procedure has been agreed upon with the judicial office and the staff unit for committees and appeals in order to ensure procedural security as well as the legally compliant consideration of gender equality aspects in all meetings of the appointment and selection committees:

  • In the exceptional case that the person appointed by the Equal Opportunities Officer (e.g., the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officer) is prevented from attending at short notice, the Equal Opportunities Officer, Dr. Herzog, must be informed immediately. She will then determine for the specific meeting who will be appointed to represent her. She will inform the Dean's Office and the staff unit committees and appointments.

It is planned to include the following regulation in the upcoming revision of the appointment guideline. I would ask that this be done in the meantime:

  • (unchanged) The Equal Opportunities Officer or the Equal Opportunities Officer will participate in the meetings with voting rights. He or she may be represented by a person to be appointed by him or her (§ 4 (3) p. 6 LHG) (e.g. the Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty). The commission meetings should be scheduled in such a way that the equal opportunities commissioner or the person specifically appointed by him or her has the opportunity to participate.
  • (Amendment) A substitution due to short-term inability to attend is only possible if there is good cause and must be reported immediately.


If the Equal Opportunities Commissioner or the person appointed by him or her is prevented from attending a meeting of an appointment or selection committee for a short period of time, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner shall appoint a deputy for the relevant meeting. The Equal Opportunities Officer informs the relevant Dean's office of the respective faculty and the responsible office in the central administration (staff unit committees and appeals) in writing (if necessary by e-mail) of whom he or she appoints as a deputy.

If you are unable to attend at short notice, you can also agree on a corresponding substitution arrangement by telephone with the Equal Opportunities Office. Outside of the opening hours of the Equal Opportunities Office, you can reach the Equal Opportunities Officer, Dr. Regina Herzog, by calling the mobile number 0152-22928696.