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Doctoral Candidates (PhD)

In cases of discrimination, sexual harassment and/or stalking, the Equal Opportunities Office will advise you. For other personal questions/problems or conflicts in the course of your doctorate, you can contact Dr. David Willmes of the International Graduate Academy of Freiburg Research Services or use the central ombudsman procedure.

If you have questions regarding pregnancy, maternity leave and parental leave in the context of a doctorate, you can also contact the Equal Opportunities Office, the Personnel Department or the Staff Council.

Further information is also available online on the following university websites:

For doctoral projects at the Faculty of Medicine all important steps have been summarized on the following web pages.

  • In the drafting guidelines, already existing formal requirements were summarized in a document and supplemented with tips for writing the dissertation. In addition to legal requirements and the good scientific practice of citation, the citation guidelines also contain tips on how to avoid plagiarism.


If you are employed as part of your doctorate, supported by

  • third-party funds or from
  • departmental funds,

you can apply to the


Further information on the statistics of doctoral students: