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Sexual Harrasment: No means No!

Campaign Draw a line! A campaign for respectful cooperation and against sexualized discrimination and violence at universities in Baden-Württemberg.
Sexual Harrasment: No means No!

Photo: LaKoG

The line between when a flirt turns into sexual harassment may seem invisible. In fact, a flirt and sexual harassment are clearly distinguishable. A flirt is a mutually desirable behavior that respects mutual boundaries and can make everyday life more beautiful. Sexual harassment is a crossing of boundaries with an undesirable and discriminatory behavior in which power is exercised and that violates. The rule for differentiation is simple: the decisive factor is not the intention of the person acting, but how their behavior is received by the person concerned, whether an approach is desired or not.

The 'Tea Consent'-Video

The topic page gender-based and sexualized violence in higher education of the Center of Excellence Women in Science and Research (CEWS) offers a comprehensive overview.