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Sexual harassment: Counseling and prevention

Campaign Draw a line! A campaign for respectful cooperation and against sexualized discrimination and violence at universities in Baden-Württemberg


Harassment and assaults also occur at universities. According to nationwide surveys, every second student is affected by sexual harassment during her studies. Sexualized discrimination, harassment and stalking are not tolerated at the University of Freiburg and are prohibited.

Sexualized discrimination or sexism refers to the degradation and discrimination based on gender. Sexual harassment can take the form of verbal and/or physical assault. In the case of sexualized violence, for example, it is a matter of offences such as coercion or rape. Stalking is the persistent stalking and contact.
The Council of Europe informs about sexism

For those affected, it is especially important to know that you are not (partly) responsible for what happened. It is not always possible for those affected to end the harassing behavior themselves. At the University of Freiburg, Dr. Regina Herzog. Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Baumann, theologian and psychotherapist, are available as contact persons for questions regarding sexual harassment and stalking. The consultations are confidential.
Help with sexual harassment and stalking