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With MuT to professorship - 25 years of MuT made!

MuT program anniversary celebration

Information about the event


The event  "With MuT to the professorship - 25 years of MuT made!"
Title MuT program anniversary celebration
Date 08.12.2023
Venue YMCA House, Büchsenstraße 37, 70174 Stuttgart

About the event

Since 1998, we have been supporting female scientists in the MuT program on their way to a professorship. During this time, a considerable network has been built up and countless success stories of professorships have been celebrated. Current statistics and personal reports show just how important our program continues to be.

With this anniversary celebration, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the program and invite all current and former MuT participants, mentors, trainers, colleagues, cooperation partners and stakeholders from the academic landscape and the surrounding area to celebrate with us.

Look forward to exciting talks, seeing old acquaintances again, gaining insights into career paths and getting to know like-minded people, learning tips and tricks from professors and stakeholders and expanding your network!

You can find the event program and further information as a PDF under this link

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